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Board of Supervisors

  1. Questions or Comments Form

    Use this form to submit general questions or comments to staff. To submit comments for public meetings, use the form at the following... More…

  1. Volunteer Board Bank Interest Form

Clean Community

  1. CLEAN TEAM VOLUNTEER Registration

    Thank you for volunteering to join the Gloucester CLEAN TEAM! You do NOT have to "sign in" to fill out this form.


    Thank you for volunteering to "team up to clean up!" When your cleanup is over, you must bring your trash bags to the local... More…

  1. Cleanup Report Form

Community Engagement

  1. Community Resource Directory Input Form
  2. Town Crier
  1. Opioid Public Forum RSVP

    Gloucester County is hosting small table discussions on the future of opioid addiction services in our community on Monday, December... More…

  2. Volunteer Request

Emergency Management

  1. Business Reporting Form

    Report Business Status . Report types of damage. Location. Report when back to normal.

  2. CERT Profile Sheet
  1. CERT Booth Request
  2. CERT Training Form

Virtual Meetings

  1. Citizen Comment Submission

    The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and other boards and commissions have returned to in person meetings.

Voter Registrar

  1. EO Survey Questions
  1. Request For Appointment Form

    County of Gloucester General Registrar and the Electoral Board - Request for Appointment Form