An animal has bitten me - what should I do?

All animal bites must be reported, and failure to do so could result in a summons being issued. This is a matter of public health and enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of Animal Control and the Gloucester County Health Department. Any animal that bites someone must be placed in quarantine for a 10-day period and cannot be removed from the county unless permission is granted by the Gloucester County Health Department. (County law reference- Section 3-55)

If you or any family member are bitten, call the Health Department at 804-693-6130 during regular hours and they will complete all required paperwork. For after hour’s assistance, call the Sheriff Dispatcher at 804-693-3890 and an Animal Control Officer will respond to complete the paperwork. If medical treatment is required the doctor or hospital providing the treatment should report the incident. Every attempt should be made to identify the animal so the owner can be contacted and the necessary paperwork completed. If a wild animal is involved and cannot be located, you will be advised by your doctor and the Health Department what treatment is necessary.

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