Home Gardening in Gloucester

Our own publication, Home Gardening in Gloucester, has been updated and expanded in 2021. This wonderful guide, written by Gloucester Extension Master Gardeners, is tailored for our area and can now be downloaded here in its entirety or by select chapters. 

If you desire a hard copy of this publication, it can be purchased at this time for *$25 at the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office or by contacting us by email. We have a limited supply. 

*The price is dependent on reproduction and notebook costs and cannot be guaranteed for future       reprints of this publication.

Home Gardening in Gloucester.pdf

Chapter 1 - Our Environment.pdf

Chapter 2 - Lawns.pdf

Chapter 3 - Trees.pdf

Chapter 4 - Shrubs.pdf

Chapter 5 - Perennials.pdf

Chapter 6 - Annuals.pdf

Chapter 7 - Ground Covers and Vines.pdf

Chapter 8 - Fruit Trees and Bushes.pdf

Chapter 9 - Native Plants.pdf

Chapter 10 - Invasive Plants.pdf

Chapter 11 - Vegetables.pdf

Chapter 12 - Herbs.pdf

Chapter 13 - Houseplants.pdf

Chapter 14 - Garden Calendar.pdf

HGIG cover