Park Trails

Multi-Use Trail

  • Both park entrances
  • Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking or Hiking
  • No Fee
  • There are 9.5 miles of trails along the reservoir and in beautiful woodlands
  • Trail log sign-in required
  • Trail Map (PDF)
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Hiking Trail

  • Hikers only
  • Main Entrance
  • No Fee
  • Return on same route
  • To avoid the horses and bikes, there is a one way hiking trail of 3 miles at the Main Entrance
  • Trail log sign-in required

Nature Trail

  • Enjoy the beauty of the reservoir or the seclusion of the hard woods
  • Hikers only A leisurely 0.33 mile hike with 20 interpretive areas and brochure about the flora and fauna of Beaverdam
  • Main Entrance
  • No Fee
  • Trail log sign-in required

Geocaching / Letterboxing

Trail Notes

  • 3 mile Hiking Trial from the Main Entrance to the Campground is marked in green blaze
  • 9.5 mile Multi-use Trail runs from the Roaring Spring Road - Main Entrance to the Fay's Mill Road Entrance and is marked in blue blaze.
  • Markers on your left, you are headed toward the Main Entrance - Roaring Springs Road
  • Markers on your right, you are headed toward the Fary's Mill Road Entrance
  • Trail mileage is marked every 1/2 mile