Uniform Patrol

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office is the largest, most visible, and most recognizable of all of the divisions within the office. Patrol deputies are first responders who deter crime through proactive patrols, initiate criminal investigations, and enforce criminal state, local, and traffic laws. No two days are ever alike - calls for service cover the range of our community's needs: from checking on the welfare of a citizen to responding to major natural disasters. As the backbone of the Law Enforcement Division, patrols are active twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.


Comprised of twenty-eight deputies, the Patrol Division is overseen by the Captain of Law Enforcement. The division is further broken down into four separate shifts, each overseen by a lieutenant and a sergeant. Additionally, a patrol K-9 unit supports the division, as well as citizens of the county who serve as auxiliary officers. Gloucester County's 288 square miles are divided into four major sectors, and the patrol units are assigned to these sectors during their tour of duty.

Certification / Training

All deputies initially obtain certification through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, and must complete an accredited law enforcement basic academy. Training does not stop there, as they must continue learning through required in-service classes throughout their careers. Deputies further develop their skills by attending advanced classes to become field training officers, general instructors, and crisis intervention officers.

A uniformed officer and two police vehicles

Many of our patrol deputies have obtained specialty instructor certifications, to include firearms, defensive tactics, and standardized field sobriety tests. Officers are also aware of the impact that a college education can have on their professional abilities, and many within the patrol ranks possess associates and bachelor's degrees - and a few are currently working on their graduate degrees. With these certifications and education, our patrol deputies teach officers both locally and regionally the skills needed to successfully serve their agencies and communities. With strong ties to the people they serve, they can also be found participating in community betterment projects, and are members of the various civic organizations that are found in Gloucester.

National Law Enforcement Challenge

In 2016, largely based on the work performed by the Patrol Division, our office placed first in our division (fifty to one hundred and fifty sworn officers) in the National Law Enforcement Challenge, presented by the National Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This award was based on our efforts and programs addressing the following during the 2015 campaign:

  • Aggressive and Impaired Driving
  • Crash Reductions
  • Occupant Protection
  • Public Education
  • Speed Enforcement
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Youth Safety

Although the Sheriff's Office has placed first in the Commonwealth for three consecutive years, we have never received a national award - and we are proud to be the first agency in our area to do so.


Interested in seeing what we do? Citizens may join our patrol deputies on a ride-along by completing and returning the Ride-Along form (PDF). Participants may ride-along once every twelve months.