Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle

Runners in the Park

Walk, Run, Play, Paddle, Ride, Participate, Be Active!

Walk! Talk about basic... we've been walking since our first year of life. It could be your most valuable workout. It's a fact that for the majority of us the more step you take each day, the better your health.

  • Park on the far side of the parking lot.
  • Enter a building on the side away from where you are going.
  • Walk to a destination that is a mile or less away.
  • It's so easy to walk or run, visit your Parks:
    • Abingdon Park 4 laps around the outside of the softball fence is 1 mile.
    • Bethel Elementary has a 400 meter track, 4 laps is an "Olympic Mile".
    • Beaverdam Park 9.5 miles of trails.
    • Gloucester Point Beach Park from the top of the hill, to the fishing pier to the second boat ramp and back to the top of the hill, a little over a mile.
    • Woodville Park has several areas for walking / running!
  • Walk or run! Beaverdam Park offers 5k's each month as well as Zombie Obstacle Courses
  • Main Street it's one beautiful mile from St. Therese Church to Southern States.