Inmate Work Programs

Trustee Positions

Productive, useful work brings satisfaction and self-esteem for those who perform it. Inmates may voluntarily apply for trustee positions available in the Gloucester County Jail. Based on their level of classification and the screening process, they may be placed in an in-house position or on a road crew position.

In-house trustee positions include painters, night-time floor maintenance, laundry services, and kitchen workers. These inmates are supervised by the jail staff.

Road Crew

The inmate work crew is comprised of six inmates who voluntarily apply for this trustee position in the Gloucester County Jail. These inmates go through a selection process and are continuously supervised by an armed deputy when away from the Gloucester County Jail. They are provided work clothes, boots, and safety equipment.

These inmates may be seen throughout the County cutting grass, trimming trees, picking up trash, or setting up for county-related events for various governmental departments and the Virginia Department of Transportation. This group has also been utilized for emergency clean up after storms such as Hurricane Isabel and for snow removal, when necessary, from County-owned properties.

Inmate generated funds are used to support this program, not taxpayer's money. In addition, the manpower provided by the inmates saves Gloucester County taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year.

inmate work trailer