Inmates Serving a Non-Consecutive Sentence

Rules of Conduct

This applies to those individuals who are allowed, through the court system, to report to the Gloucester County Jail at a later date to begin serving their sentences. The following rules of conduct and other directives must be adhered to on the day one reports to the jail to serve his or her sentence:

  • Report on Time - Jail staff does not have the authority to alter the report in dates or times specified by the sentencing judge. If you arrive late you will be accepted into the facility, but the court will be notified on your failure to abide by the scheduled report in time. The court will also be notified if you fail to report at all.
  • Picture Identification (ID) - You must present a picture ID at your initial report in time.
  • Use of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs - Do not consume any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs 24-hours prior to your arrival. You may be required to submit to a breath, blood, and / or urine test. In addition to notifying the court, you will be subject to disciplinary action by the jail and / or criminal charges if a violation is discovered to have occurred.
  • Medical - If you require any special medical needs or medication, you must contact the jail nurse at 804-693-1090 at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date.
  • Inmates are required to pay ten dollars a day (twenty dollars per weekend) by money order only for each day that they are incarcerated. This fee is used to offset the cost of inmate housing.
  • Do not make a false report of illness, injury, or of transportation issues that affect your ability to report to the jail. You must contact the jail if you are unable to report for any reason.
  • Do not attempt to bring items such as cigarettes, unapproved medications, weapons, pornographic materials, or other contraband into the jail.
  • Inmates serving weekends are not entitled to visitation, with the only exception being their attorney, if necessary.
  • Sanctions - Failure to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary action taken by the Gloucester Jail. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, administrative lockdown and/or the forfeiture of good time credits.