Facility Use

On March 3, 2009 the Gloucester County Facilities Use Policy became effective. View the entire facility use policy (PDF).

Statement of Policy & Objectives

"The primary purpose of County facilities is to assist the County’s operating agencies in accomplishing governmental purposes. However, it is the policy of the County to permit the reasonable use of appropriate facilities by outside community organizations or individuals when not in use for governmental purposes. It is the intent of this policy to provide a broad framework applicable to all County facilities available for use by third parties. Nothing in this Policy, or in acts or omissions pursuant thereto, shall give rise to any liability on behalf of the County, its officers, employees, or agents."

All facilities that are available for use are listed in the policy’s Attachment A (PDF) which also gives the occupancy limit and the Approval Authority for each. The Public Works (Engineering and Buildings and Grounds) Directors are the Approval Authority for the following facilities:

FacilityLocationOccupancy Limit
Colonial CourthouseCourthouse Circle114
Colonial Courthouse GreenCourthouse CircleOpen area
Open areas and other facilities (not including parks)Various lawns, court yards (including the Veterans Memorial) and parking lotsOpen area

Governmental Entities and Non-Governmental Users

As used in the policy, "governmental entities" are federal, state, and local government units, agencies, departments, constitutional officers, courts, boards, councils, commissions, committees, and other affiliated County entities. "Non-governmental users" are qualified private organizations and individual users. To qualify as a non-governmental user, both user and the organization’s or individual’s use must be not-for-profit.

Facility Reservation Request Forms

All users shall complete the appropriate facility reservation request form, either the governmental entity form (PDF) or the non-governmental organization or individuals form (PDF) to assure orderly allocation of County meeting sites. Completed facility request forms for use of the areas listed in the table above may be mailed to:

Engineering Services
6515 Main Street
Gloucester, VA 23061

They may also be hand-delivered to the same address; or faxed to 804-824-2471; or scanned and emailed to Ginger Riffe.

Availability, Costs & Insurance

County-owned or leased facilities are generally available during normal County office hours. Weekend and non-business hours use will be considered subject to the facilities’ availability and the availability of any County employees necessary to staff the use. The potential requirement for insurance and fees will be determined during review of submitted facility use request forms.

Revocation / Cancellation

Gloucester County reserves the right to cancel or terminate the use of any facility if it is determined that the facility is needed for use by the County; if the facility is otherwise unavailable due to, for example, power failure, inclement weather, etc.; or if the use is inconsistent with, or in violation of this Policy.