Mosquito Control


Gloucester County has a limited mosquito control program that uses an Mosquito Control District integrated mosquito management plan approach which combines surveillance, appropriate chemical treatment, and citizen interaction.

Guidance of and operating procedures for the County's mosquito control program are provided by the Gloucester Mosquito Control Commission.


The Mosquito Control program performs mosquito control operations for Gloucester County's Mosquito Control Districts. Only certain areas of the County are within the mosquito control districts covered by the mosquito control program, and all parcels within these areas pay a Mosquito Control tax which funds the program. 

Mosquito Control Districts

Tax Rate

The mosquito control tax rate is established for each calendar year (January to December) in the spring when the Board of Supervisors adopts an annual budget and sets the tax rates. The 2018 mosquito control tax rate was set at $0.01 per $100 of assessed real estate value. The mosquito control tax levy appears on real estate tax bills as an additional amount due along with the regular real estate tax levy.

More Information

If a citizen has a question about mosquito control or wishes to report a mosquito problem, send email to or call 693-6269 weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. After these hours, please leave a message for a return call the next business day. You may call
804-824-2530 for updates.