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Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-Check payments can be made online. Choose "Local Payments." Use jurisdiction code 1087. These services are offered through Official Payments Corporation and a fee will be charged.


Gloucester County Public Utilities is committed to meeting the present and future water needs of our customers by meeting and/or exceeding all federal, state and local regulations with regard to water quality. In addition, great pride is taken by the department in responding to customers’ concerns and inquiries in an efficient, polite and professional manner. The department provides water service to approximately 4,500 accounts and sewer service to approximately 1,300 accounts.


The department operates from three locations: the Business/Customer Service Office is located at 7384 Carriage Court, the Maintenance Shop is located at 6936 Main Street and the Gloucester County Water Treatment Plant, a 2MGD facility; adjacent to the facility is the Beaverdam Reservoir.

Application For Water and/or Sewer Service

NOTE: In order to electronically fill and digitally sign the Application for Water and/or Sewer Service (PDF), please download the file using the link below, complete the form in Adobe, and return to our department via email.

To receive service, an Application for Water and/or Sewer Service (PDF) needs to be completed and signed at least 24 hours prior to the service start date. There is a fee of $30 to transfer the account, which may be paid at the time of sign up for service or added to the first month’s bill. In addition to the transfer fee, tenants are required to pay deposits of $60 for water service and $40 for sewer service, if available (deposits are required to be paid prior to startup of service, cash or check only). The deposit will be applied to the final bill when the service is terminated. 


As we move into the winter months and cooler temperatures, make sure to keep an eye on your water pipes and plumbing. Frozen pipes that break or burst can cause expensive water damage. Even a small tear in a water pipe can pour hundreds of gallons of water each minute into your home or residence. As many homeowners take time over the winter holidays to visit family and travel, it’s important to know what preventative measures you can take to help prevent frozen or burst pipes. Here are just a few tips to prevent frozen pipes.

frozen pipes

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