Subdivision Information

Although Gloucester did not have a Zoning Ordinance until 1984, the County has been reviewing the division of land since 1966. As Gloucester has grown from a primarily rural county to more of a suburban community, standards for development and the division of land have changed to reflect the increased population and higher density of growth. The Subdivision Ordinance was established to provide standards and procedures for development as part of a long range plan to guide and facilitate the orderly, beneficial growth of the community. The current Subdivision Ordinance was adopted December 1999.

Planning Staff Role

The Planning Director is also the Subdivision Agent for the County. The Planning staff reviews applications such as family transfers, boundary line adjustments, and major and minor subdivisions, for compliance with the Subdivision Ordinance and other applicable county land development ordinances. In addition to staff review, preliminary plats for major subdivisions (four or more lots or a subdivision with a new road) require review and approval by the Planning Commission.