Dominion Virginia Power


County operates and maintains a public water distribution system. 

  • Average consumption: 0.84 MGD.
  • Groundwater treated by a reverse osmosis membrane plant
  • Maximum safe yield of the supply: 3.0 MGD (Reservoir) and 2.0 MGD Reverse Osmosis Wells
  • System is supplied by a surface water reservoir and conventional water treatment plant
  • Total reservoir storage capacity: 1,460 million gallons (MG)
  • Treatment Plant Capacity: 2.1 million gallons per day (MGD), surface plant: 2.0 MGD RO Plant

Sewer Collection & Treatment

Waste-water is collected by Gloucester County and conveyed to the Hampton Roads Sanitation District for treatment.

Solid Waste Disposal

  • Provides pickup and conveyance to the Middle Peninsula Landfill for disposal
  • Recycling Center


  • Cellular and digital services provided by Cox Communications and Verizon
  • Local and long distance service provided by Cox Communications and Verizon