Energy, Fuel & Cooling Assistance

Energy Assistance Program

Local Departments of Social Services accept applications from the second Tuesday in October through the second Friday in November. This program helps with heating costs; but can also be used for furnace re-starts, late charges, delivery charges, installation charges and connection or re-connection fees. Notices are sent to venders for payment in December. Assistance is based on availability of funds.

Crisis Assistance Program

The crisis assistance program is intended to meet a household's emergency heating need, when no other resource is available. Applications are accepted from November 1 through March 15. Assistance offered during this period is; one time only heat security deposit and heating equipment for repair/purchase. Assistance is based on availability of funds.

Crisis Part II

Applications are accepted on the first work day of January through March 15 for the following types of crisis; purchase of home heating fuel and payment of the utility bill. Assistance is based on the availability of funds.

Cooling Assistance

This provides purchase/repair of cooling equipment and/or payment for electricity to operate cooling equipment. To be eligible, a household must contain at least one vulnerable individual who is age 60 or over, disabled, or who have children in the home under the of age 6. Applications are accepted from June 15 through August 15. Assistance is based on availability of funds.