Major Employers / Labor Force

Major Employers

Major Employers in the area include:

  • Canon Environmental Technologies, Inc.
  • County of Gloucester
  • Gloucester County Public Schools
  • Rappahannock Community College
  • Riverside Walter Reed Hospital
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science


  • Right-to-Work State
  • Typical commute to work is 30 to 40 minutes
  • Virginia has one of the lowest average net costs for Worker’s Compensation in the country as well as one of the lowest Unemployment Insurance Rates

Civilian Labor Force

  • County of Gloucester - 19,757
  • Extended Labor Market Area - 823,851

Civilian Unemployment Rate (June 2015)

  • County of Gloucester - 3.4%
  • Regional / MSA - 5.1%
  • United States - 5.3%

Exceptional Sources of Labor

  • College Students - over 90,000 students attending area colleges and universities are available for full or part-time employment opportunities.
  • Exiting Military - Each year over 13,000 military personnel retire or are discharged from area military bases and seek employment.
  • Military Spouses - 30,000 military spouses residing in the area seek full or part-time employment opportunities.
  • Seasonal Workers - the region’s tourism industry creates over 10,000 seasonal jobs during the summer months. These seasonal workers provide an additional labor pool to companies with personnel peaks at other times of the year.
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