Civil Docket

Term Day / Docket Call Procedure

Gloucester Circuit Court
Jeffrey W Shaw, Presiding Judge

Term Day in Gloucester is the first Monday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. If the Monday is a holiday, Term Day will be held on the next day, i.e., Tuesday. A praecipe must be filed by the Wednesday preceding the Term Day. The Docket Call is at 10 a.m.

Counsel must appear to set cases or send an associate, paralegal, secretary, docket call service, opposing counsel or have a local attorney appear. The Clerk's Office and the Judge's Office do not accept dates by telephone or fax.

Cases Outside Term Day

The only cases that may be set for trial outside of Term Day and do not require an appearance are:

  • Cases in which Judge Shaw has recused
  • Divorce cases, i.e, equitable distribution, permanent support and child custody
  • Jury and bench trials of 3 or more days
  • Juvenile and domestic relations appeals


Juvenile / domestic relations appeals and divorce cases do not require a praecipe and may be set anytime by telephone with Judge Shaw's Assistant, Lisa Holland at 804-693-1358. The other cases require a praecipe and are set by counsel faxing their available dates to Lisa Holland at 804-693-1755. It is preferred that the moving party obtain all participants' available dates, and then fax to the Court a list of dates that are mutually agreeable for all. Counsel should confer and indicate the length of the trial and whether it is a bench trial or a jury trial. 

Ms. Holland will then proceed to locate a retired judge to hear the case. Dates should be faxed no later than the Friday following the docket call. If dates are not timely received, the procedure will be required to start over at the next docket call.

Scheduling Order

The moving party is responsible for preparing and circulating a scheduling order within three weeks of scheduling a trial.