Clean Community Office

What We Do

The Gloucester Clean Community Coordinator: 

  • Promotes recycling and proper disposal of solid waste 
  • Facilitates group cleanups and beautification projects
  • Conducts community outreach & education programs in schools and for groups
  • Supports Adopt-A-Boat Ramp, Adopt-A-Highway, and Adopt-A-Spot programs
  • Applies for and manages grants that fund local cleanup and greenup projects

For more information on the Clean Community Program, email Gloucester's Clean Community Coordinator: or call 804-693-5370

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Current and Upcoming Events

Christmas Tree Recycling
Love Bees Flyer - Less Yellow
Clean Gloucester day 2023

From left, Isaac O'Shields (birthday boy), is shown with Amelia Charest, Tobias O’Shields, Hugh O’Shields, Xavier Charest, Mariam Charest and Preston Charest as they work to clean up Main Street.

Local Child Chooses Community Clean-up Instead of Traditional Birthday Party

While most eight-year-olds ask for a party with friends for their birthday, Gloucester resident Isaac O’Shields had a different idea this year. He asked his parents if he could do a community cleanup project. His mom, Christine, took to Facebook to see how she could make this happen. She was quickly connected with Gloucester’s Clean Community Coordinator, who was able to give her supplies and an idea of where to do their cleanup.

On Veteran’s Day, the O’Shields and their group of friends took to Main Street, which needed some tidying up after the Halloween festivities. The group consisted of seven children and four adults, who spent an hour and a half cleaning up the street. They ended up with two large bags full of trash.

“The kids had a great time,” Christine said. “They kept asking when they could do it again.”

“I was overjoyed when I heard that Isaac chose to help the community for his special day,” said Sherry Kosakowski, Gloucester’s Clean Community Coordinator. “It’s wonderful to see children understanding the need for projects like this. You will be surprised how much fun kids can have when you give them a grabber and a bucket! One cleanup can make a huge impact. Thank you, Isaac and friends!”

Those interested in having their own cleanup can contact Clean Community at 804-693-5370 or email

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LOVEWork Mural
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