Clean Community Office

What We Do

The Gloucester Clean Community Coordinator: 

  • Promotes recycling and proper disposal of solid waste 
  • Facilitates group cleanups and beautification projects
  • Conducts community outreach & education programs in schools and for groups
  • Supports Adopt-A-Boat Ramp, Adopt-A-Highway, and Adopt-A-Spot programs
  • Applies for and manages grants that fund local cleanup and greenup projects

For more information on the Clean Community Program, email Gloucester's Clean Community Coordinator: or call 804-693-5370

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Current and Upcoming Events

Totals Clean Gloucester day 2023

Julie Shields Recognized for Helping to Keep her Community Clean

Julie Shields has been showing love for Gloucester by volunteering her time to pick up litter in her Hayes neighborhood for the past few years. In doing so, she walks approximately four miles a day and brings cleanup supplies with her on most walks. Occasionally joined by her husband, Jeff Shields, or friend, Ginny Miller, she puts in great effort to keep her area of Gloucester litter-free. “While frustrating at times to see the amount of trash that accumulates soon after a cleanup, her dedication is making a huge difference,” said Sherry Kosakowski, Gloucester’s Clean Community Coordinator. Earlier this month, Kosakowski recognized Julie for her hard work. “It’s not every day we get volunteers who are as dedicated as Julie,” Kosakowski added. “Since we rely on volunteers to help keep Gloucester clean and green, the help we receive is very valuable and much appreciated. “ Kosakowski said anyone who has ever picked up a discarded bottle, food wrapper or cigarette butt while walking in their neighborhood is already a volunteer. “From casually discarded cans to intentionally-dumped tires, every bit of trash left on the side of the road hurts Gloucester’s natural areas and the plants and animals that depend on them,” she said. “Whether you want to help cleanup once, occasionally, or make a long-term commitment to your favorite spot – Clean Community can help support you! Supplies are readily available for those who are willing and ready to help.”

Gloucester County is officially a...
LOVEWork Mural
Storybook Trail both

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