Bidder's Guide

Supplier Registration

Suppliers are invited to register their entity on Gloucester's Central Purchasing Vendor’s List in order to conduct business. Registration is fast, easy and electronic. Please submit the New Vendor Application Form.

Solicitation Types

  • Fax Quote: a small purchase need seeking a written quote from a supplier by a facsimile.
  • Invitation for Bids (IFB): a solicitation for goods and/or services that may require the return of a sealed or unsealed bid. The lowest responsive and responsible bidder receives an award.
  • Oral Quote: a small purchase need seeking an oral quote from the supplier by telephone.
  • Request for Proposals: a solicitation for goods and/or services that may require the return of a sealed or unsealed proposal. The negotiated best value or most advantageous proposal receives an award.


Used equipment does not require competition under $50,000; however, public notice is required before the purchase can be made.

  • Emergency Procurements: Purchases made to alleviate a situation in which there is a threat to health, welfare or safety that does not allow the time for normally accepted purchasing procedures to occur. The County reserves the right to seek practicable appropriate competition. A written justification of the emergency determination is warranted.
  • Sole Source Procurements: Purchases made with one source that possesses a unique item and singularly available capability that meets the requirements of a specific need. A written justification of the sole source determination is warranted.

Obtaining Information on Upcoming Bids & Proposals

Solicitations or notices of business opportunities are posted on the Central Purchasing website and available for download. This information is also available from the Central Purchasing Office. In addition, suppliers may register with the Gloucester Connection Email News Service to receive email notifications of business opportunities. Providers are encouraged to visit the Central Purchasing website for updated information.

Some solicitations may be advertised in local area newspapers according to the anticipated value of the requirement such as the Gloucester/Mathews Gazette-Journal.

Payment of Invoices

All Gloucester County invoices are paid in accordance with Section 2.2-4352, Code of Virginia. Invoices for items ordered, delivered and accepted shall be submitted by the vendor directly to the payment address shown on the purchase order/contract. All invoices shall show the County purchase order/contract Number. Payment Terms of Net 45 days is the County's requirement. This shall not affect offers of discounts for payments in less than thirty days, however.


Any changes or modifications to solicitations are in writing and only authorized by a Central Purchasing representative. An Addendum may be issued at any time before the receipt of bids or offers. It is the sole responsibility of the provider to ensure they have all addenda associated with a bid or offer by verifying this with Central Purchasing.

Late Bids or Offers

Central Purchasing will not accept or consider any bid or offer that arrives at the incorrect receipt location after the due date and time listed on the solicitation.

Bid Openings

Sealed bids are publicly opened and read aloud at the time, date and location stated in the solicitation. There is no public opening for Request for Proposals (RFPs) and the tabulation of offerers is not available until an award decision is made. Sealed bids or proposals may not be submitted by facsimile or any other electronic means.

Bid Tabulations & Awards

Central Purchasing will establish a tabulation of bids for all solicitations received. A list of all awards will also be published. These records are available on the Central Purchasing website.

County Business License Requirement

Any entity doing business with the County of Gloucester shall have a business license if:

  • Their place of business is in Gloucester County
  • They reside in Gloucester County
  • Their business proceeds exceed $25,000 per year in Gloucester County

A Gloucester County business license is not required if the provider holds a business license with another Virginia locality where their business is located.


Gloucester County is exempt from the payment of federal excise taxes or state sales taxes on all tangible, personal property or items used for its consumption. Central Purchasing will furnish providers a Tax Exemption Certificate (ST-12) upon request.

Surplus Property

Central Purchasing is responsible for the disposition of all materials, supplies, equipment or other personal property which the County has determined to be obsolete or unusable. The method for this disposal may be through the use of online public auctions or on-site live auctions.