County Administrator

J. Brent Fedors serves as the chief administrative officer for Gloucester County. In this role, he is responsible for:

  •  Leading and directing daily operations of the County government 
  • Advising the Board of Supervisors, and preparing policy recommendations for their consideration

One of Mr. Fedors' primary objectives centers on delivery of enhanced value to the County’s citizens through the application of sound business and financial management practices in the local government environment. 

Mr. Fedors works alongside six Constitutional Officers and the County Attorney, and supports (and is supported by) his Deputy County Administrator and the Assistant County Administrator for Community Services.  Together they lead a team of more than 300 employees across 20 departments, overseeing the delivery of a wide array of governmental services to the County’s citizenry with the goal of doing so in the most cost efficient, quality conscious manner possible.


The County Administrator's Office works directly with the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors to carry out the following duties:

  • To make recommendations to the Board concerning the affairs of the County
  • To keep the Board apprised of the County's financial condition
  • To prepare, submit and administer the annual County budget
  • To preaudit all claims against the County
  • To manage the County and its various departments on a daily basis