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About the Collaboration

The Gloucester Collaboration is a project to enhance the quality of life for residents of each of the 12 communities of Gloucester throughout the globe, and officially kicked off on March 21, 2022. On this date, which signifies the anniversary of the funeral of Pocahontas, there were several global zoom conversations representing different societal components of each Gloucester locality. The Gloucester Collaboration owes its existence to the connections made with the Duke of Gloucester wrapped around the anniversary of the funeral of Pocahontas on March 21, 1617. 

A larger, main Gloucester Collaboration event followed later in the year with a “Gloucester Day” celebration on Sept. 3. “Gloucester Day,” an event traditionally celebrated in Gloucester England, dates to the lifting of the Siege of Gloucester in 1643, when the city held out against Royalist forces during the First English Civil War. Now held on the first Saturday in September, the 2022 version of Gloucester Day was celebrated globally, and signifies the most important annual celebration for the burgeoning Gloucester Collaboration. 

To learn more about how Gloucester Day was celebrated, visit these links: 

Steele to Celebrate Gloucester Day at Inaugural Site in the United Kingdom

Inaugural Gloucester Day Celebrated Worldwide

  1. Gloucester, Virginia
  2. Gloucester, England
  3. Gloucester Township, NJ
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The Gloucester Collaboration is putting early emphasis on engaging the students of the many Gloucesters to support this global community development initiative. Towards that end we are implementing a wonderful idea suggested by HRH Prince Richard called the Duke of Gloucester Essay Contest. Along with helping to introduce the concept of the Collaboration to Gloucester youth, the Duke of Gloucester Essay Contest intends to inspire many great ideas that can be embraced by each of the communities of Gloucester. 

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