Wi-Fi Hotspots *NEW!

Wi-Fi Hotspot Borrowing

Wi-Fi Hotspots are available for checkout at the Main Library (6920 Main Street).  Patrons can use their library cards to checkout a mobile hotspot to connect to internet access via a cellular connection on their personal devices through Verizon networks.

Patrons can use their library cards to check out a mobile hotspot for four (4) weeks.  Library accounts must be in good standing. Hotspots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and can be checked out at the circulation desk at the Main Library. These devices are intended to help county residents with limited or no internet access with connectivity and/or test coverage at their home for the Verizon network.

Verizon Mi-Fi

The MiFi 8800L is a compact hotspot device that utilizes the Verizon cellular network. It is user-friendly, with a built-in Auto VPN for secure connection.

How do I borrow a device?

Mobile hotspots must be checked out at the Circulation Desk. The patron must present their valid Gloucester County Public Library card and photo ID. Hotspots may be checked out up to one (1) half hour before library closing. Hotspots need to be returned one (1) half hour prior to closing to complete check-in.

Patrons are eligible for mobile hotspot lending if they meet the following: 

  • Patron must present library staff with a valid Gloucester County Public Library card 
  • Patron must be an adult borrower over the age of 18
  • Patron’s library card must be in good standing (no overdue items, unpaid fines under $5) 
  • Patron must present library staff with a valid photo ID 
  • Patron must have borrower history of more than four (4) months
  • Patron must read and understand the “Mobile Hotspot Lending Policy” and “Borrower Agreement” in its entirety and provide their signature acknowledging their understanding and accepting the terms of loan and statement of liability.  

In addition to the rules of use above, the following restrictions apply:

  • New borrowers or digital card holders will not be allowed to loan hotspots at this time.
  • Once returned, that Hotspot cannot be checked out for 24 hours to allow for software updates.

How does a Hotspot work?

Device Instructions will be included when you borrow a hotspot from our library. Each hotspot will come with a charging cable so that users can re-charge the device during their lending period.

To connect a computer or mobile device to a hotspot:

MiFi Hotspot graphic webMiFi Hotspot 4G graphic webMiFi Hotspot Phone graphic web
1. Press and hold the Power button until the text "MiFi" appears on the display then release. Wait for the “4G” screen to appear.
2. On your device (tablet, laptop, etc) go to the Wireless Network Settings.
3. Select "Gloucester County Library Mi-Fi" from the network list and enter the password: hellopatron (all lower case).

Press and hold the Power button to turn off when not in use. To recharge, gently connect the charging cord to the device and plug into a power source.