Machicomoco State Park

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(Images Courtesy Virginia State Parks)

General Information

Located in the southern part of Gloucester County along the York River, Machicomoco State Park is approximately 10 miles downriver from Werowocomoco. The landscape of Timberneck was most certainly associated with Tsenacommacah and Powhatan’s extensive Chiefdom.

An open-air interpretive pavilion provides information on the culture, landscape and movement of Virginia Indians through displays and a walking path in the landscape. A paved trail follows along the main park road for walking or bike riding.  The surrounding land provides diverse wildlife habitats, from open fields to woodlands and waterfront/marsh areas supporting deer, turkey, and many species of songbirds and birds of prey.

Other amenities include a campground with sites for vehicle camping and hike-in tent sites, three overnight yurts, two picnic shelters, a car-top boat launch pier with an accessible boat entry structure, and a set of small floating docks on Timberneck creek for daytime boat tie-ups and fishing. There is a $5 fee per vehicle to enter the park.

Education Programming 

Education programs are open to the public that cover areas including art, ecology, and the history of the Virginia Indian Tribes. To view the Machicomoco special events and  programming calendar please follow the link below. 

Programming and Events Calendar 

Parking Passports

  • Naturally Yours Passport - $85

    Parking and admission for 12 months to all State Parks. *Annual Passes include admission for up to 4 at Natural Bridge and Southwest Virginia Museum state parks.

  • Senior Naturally Yours Passport - $40

    Parking and admission (up to 4 people for admission) for 12 months. Must be 62 years old. Proof of age may be requested.

  • Disability passport - free

    Covers free vehicle parking. Free admission for pass holder and anyone needed to assist the pass holder only at parks and facilities with per person admission. This pass is not required for those with a handicapped license plate or placard. To obtain this pass, you must include a Social Security or Veterans Association disability benefit verification letter with the application.

  • Veteran disability passport - free

    Covers vehicle parking and admission for the pass holder and anyone needed to assist the pass holder at parks and facilities with per person admission. Covers boat launch and horse trailer parking. This pass also includes a 50% discount on camping, swimming, shelters and equipment rental (park operated rentals only). Requires a service connected disability rating of 100%. Paperwork from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs showing 100% service connected disability must be attached to the application.


8 a.m. to dusk

Location / Contact

Address: 3601 Timberneck Farm Road, Hayes, Virginia 23072. 

Phone: (804) 642-2419; E-mail:



The park has a 3.3 mile paved foot/bicycle trail that circles the main road on the park site. A footpath of gravel, oyster shells and mown grass can be found at the interpretive area and totals .7 of a mile.


The park has a car-top boat launch access point located at Poplar Creek. The launch access includes a pull-off to unload the boat and park in a separate parking area approximately 650 feet from the drop-off point. A hardened trail leads from the parking lot back to the drop-off point. Boats must be hand-carried from the drop-off point, along a paved trail to the launch pier, and out to the accessible float at the end of the pier. The total distance from the drop-off point to the water is approximately 350 feet including the pier.  This water body is very shallow and subject to mud low tides at various times of the year, so be sure to consult the local tide chart before using the areas. This waterway is also a part of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, administered by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.  Access to the Catlett Islands and accompanying marsh areas is prohibited due to the sensitive nature of the resources. Please respect this resource and remain in your boat at all times. Motorized boats and boats launched from trailers are not permitted to use this access. Water access is closed from Nov. 1 through Jan. 31 to protect migratory waterfowl that use the area for overwintering.

Fishing is only permitted at the floating slips located on Timberneck Creek. A valid Virginia saltwater license is required from the Virginia Department of Marine Resources.



Camping with sites for vehicle camping as well as hike-in tent sites and three overnight yurts

For information on the availability of other parks' overnight accommodations, particular park amenities or to make a reservation, you can reserve online or call 1-800-933-PARK.

Picnic Shelters

The park has two large picnic shelters, both of which are located in the interpretive area. Each has picnic tables and a charcoal grill. There is an electrical outlet at each shelter, however, amplified music is prohibited. Parking fees are not included with the shelter rental fees and must be paid upon entering the park. As throughout the park, alcohol is allowed only in private areas (e.g., in a cabin or camping unit) and areas covered by permits issued by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which must be approved by the park.

Shelter 1 is surrounded by grass and has a paved walkway to it. It is about 150 feet from a restroom and 50 feet from a parking lot. The land around the shelter is flat. It has 10 picnic tables

Shelter 2 is surrounded by grass. It is about 80 feet from a restroom and 50 feet from a parking lot. The land around the shelter is flat and looks out over the interpretive trail area. The shelter has 10 picnic tables.

Picnic shelters are available by reservation by calling the Customer Service Center at 800-933-PARK. Shelters can be rented from 8 a.m. to dusk (all day).

Click here to see: Park Fees