Transportation Planning

The Planning Department works closely with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Board of Supervisors on transportation planning within the County. Staff works with VDOT on individual development proposals and provides recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for priorities for the six-year plan for transportation projects. To view all recently completed, in progress, and programed projects included in the state’s Six Year Improvement Plan (SYIP) as well as the County's Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP) click on the County’s Transportation Projects Map.  The map does not include maintenance projects which are entirely under the purview of VDOT. The Planning Department has assumed the County’s role in the process of VDOT’s acceptance of rural additions into the secondary road system.

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Gloucester County is a member of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) based on its location of the urban fringe of the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area. The HRTPO is charged with allocating federal funding for transportation and highways and is comprised of elected officials representing the localities within the TPO. Staff serves on the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission’s Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (HRTTAC) and several other committees involved in regional transportation plans.

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Interested in walking and biking around Gloucester? View the final Urban Development Areas Multimodal Transportation Study. The County’s Transportation Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC) will be using the findings of the study to further prioritize routes that serve schools, residential areas, and link all our key destinations together and to other trails in the region. The design information in this study will enable the county to more effectively apply for funding to implement alternative transportation projects desired by the community. The County previously acquired funding to implement a portion of the prioritized Roaring Springs Road trail and perform a bike/pedestrian feasibility study along Ware House Road. These projects will begin soon. If you have any questions regarding the plan and/or are interested in learning more, please contact Carol Rizzio (Senior Comprehensive Planner) or Anne Ducey-Ortiz (Director of Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Programs) at 804-693-1224.

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