Pocahontas Initiative

                                                                POCAHONTAS DESCENDANTS INITIATIVE ANNOUNCED

Gloucester County is pleased to announce a new educational and outreach program named the “Pocahontas Descendants Initiative” that will share information with those who are descendants of Pocahontas or who are attempting to determine if they are descendants. The initiative will build on the growing interest in genealogy, ancestry and “finding one’s roots" as it is estimated that more than 100,000 people can claim Pocahontas as an ancestor.

Several organizations are working collaboratively on the initiative with the following founding partners joining Gloucester County: Henricus Historical Park, Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock Tribe and the Pocahontas Project of Replenish Richmond. Other partners, supporting organizations and individuals are invited to become involved.

The initiative will include hosting special events, maintaining a dedicated website, producing publications, providing genealogy and ancestry information and resources, and more as the initiative develops. A new website, dedicated to Pocahontas, was recently launched and is being hosted on the Gloucester County Tourism website at visitgloucesterva.info. The website currently includes information about an exhibit in the Gloucester Visitor’s Center, Werowocomoco, the Indian village site purchased by the National Park Service and information on the new state park site which will open this fall. The website will be expanded to include more information on Pocahontas, genealogical research, as well as material on Powhatan and Virginia Indian history.

For more information regarding the release please contact Gloucester County Assistant County Administrator Carol Steele at csteele@gloucesterva.info.

Tribal Memberships: Our project is not affiliated with any aspect of determining tribal membership. Please understand that having a genealogical connection to Pocahontas does not mean someone qualifies to become a member of a tribe. Each tribe has its own criteria for membership which we understand and respect. If you are interested in becoming a member of a tribe, please review all of the necessary criteria to determine if you qualify for membership before applying. Membership is granted at the discretion of each tribe.