Real Estate Assessment

The primary goal of the Real Estate Assessment Department is to ensure the fair and equitable assessment of all real property in the County of Gloucester, based on fair market value, with the end result being the fair and even distribution of the tax burden among all property owners. Below is a summary of the services provided by this department:

  • Biennial (every other year) reassessment of all real property located in the County of Gloucester (approximately 24,000 parcels) and notification of new assessments
  • Review assessments and perform property inspections as requested
  • List, appraise and inspect new construction as per building permits
  • Provide property and sales data to other county departments, taxpayers, agents, fee appraisers, title examiners, etc., as requested
  • Serve as support staff to the Board of Equalization of Real Estate Assessments

Our Mission Statement:

“To professionally perform the statutory duties of the County Assessor with integrity, independence, and a spirit of technological innovation while emphasizing outstanding customer service, excellent public information, and efficient use of taxpayer resources with a streamlined, well-trained and competent staff”.